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This elegant island has everything a visitor can dream. Mallorca's relationship with tourism develops in early 1920.

The island of Mallorca has an excellent weather and beautiful landscapes, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with a cultural offer which is comparable to major European capitals. The Palma Auditorium, for example, is on the list of the best concert halls in Europe. In Mallorca, you will find rest, inspiration, culture and entertainment.

Its capital, Palma, extends along 15 km parallel to the sea. It counts with the Cathedral of Santa Maria, built between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries, whose interior was performed by Gaudí. The result is fascinating and original, almost impossible to describe in words.

More impressive, perhaps, is  the ‘Puerta del Mirador’, by architect Guillen Sagrera, and, inside, the Royal Chapel and the Chapel of the Trinity, and also a museum with great artworks, especially from the Baroque era. 

In addition there are many more places to visit in Mallorca: the Museum of Fine Arts in 'La Lonja', the 'Consulado del Mar', the 'Paseo del Borne', the 'Rambla', the Bellver Castle, etc.  If you are clear that you want to visit it, the next step is to rent a boat in Mallorca and start exploring.

Mallorca is the most touristic island, so prepare to Yacht charter in Mallorca with us, get your camera and do not forget that the target is to enjoy.

Mallorca offers:

  • El Consulado del Mar
  • El Paseo del Borne
  • La Rambla
  • The Bellver Castle
  • The Museum of Fine Arts in 'La Lonja'


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