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Declared Heritage Site by UNESCO, Ibiza is an island of just 40 km long. Former stronghold of the hippie movement, even today there are areas where you can find that other alternative way of life. Although, primarily Ibiza dazzles everyone for their nightlife, with parties that never end. Rent a boat in Ibiza is one of the most requested activities and exploited by tourists and foreigners.

But Ibiza are also quiet corners, such as the Cave des Culleram, San Antonio Abad, Cala Blanca or Margarita Island.

Ibiza has a huge airport, from which you can go to other Balearic Islands or to different European cities, such as Zurich, Brussels, Paris, Munich, London, etc.

In addition, Ibiza has many treasures waiting to be found. The island has a great landscape of blue sea and red earth where the oranges of the sun's rays fall, especially with the first waters of the day. Its unique atmosphere is home to all kinds of species.

That place, in its 3000 years of history, has been inhabited by Phoenicians and Romans since ancient times. In fact, the name of 'Ibiza', derives from the name of the egyptian god "Bes", symbol of fertility, music, dance and celebration of life. Even today, and perhaps more than ever, that's the spirit of the island. Central point of the music and art of half the world, it was the spiritual capital of all Hippies in the '60s. Although its mass tourism has threatened its beautiful nature, now everything is kept in perfect balance: people and paradise. With the help of our experienced captains it is how you can discover this part of the island, which is impossible to be seen otherwise.

Ibiza offers:

  • International Airport
  • Cueva des Culleram
  • San Antonio Abad
  • Cala Blanca
  • Margarita Island

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