Formentera, haven of peace.

Discover its hidden coves and caves with our boat tours by Formentera.

Also known as the Isle of Pines, by its abundant flora of  its species, this is located at eleven nautical miles southeast of Ibiza. On this island there are many soft sandy beaches and hidden coves, with no few submerged caves. The main city is San Francisco Javier, although in the Savina is where is located the port, the only way to access to the island, by boat from Ibiza. Renting boat in Formentera with us would allow you to visit this amazing island.

Crystal clear waters and white sandy with a seabed declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, makes Formentera to be the forgotten corner, but precisely for that reason, the most interesting, because we will not find here the bustle of people from the other islands.

Although it is so close to Ibiza, the bustling tourists and partygoers do not reach our little Formentera. While Ibiza has a land full of hills, Formentera is quite horizontal, with the exception of 'La Mola', which reaches approximately 120 meters. For a long time the only inhabitants of the island were lizards. The human footprint came with the Byzantines, Arabs and Turks until the Black Death obliterated the city. It was not until the seventeenth century that people began to repopulate the island, coming from Ibiza.

The nude bathing in Formentera is very popular today and is normal to find this in most beaches of the island. Its charm lies in the haven of peace that entails, in contrast to his older sister Ibiza. Formentera is, undoubtedly, a stop for a must see on the road, and which you hardly will forget. In addition, its people, far from rejecting the arrival of tourists, they receive them as if they were one more inhabitant. Now you know which of the islands is the one where you would like to carry with you that book or that special person: Formentera.

Formentera offers:

  • World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Do you want to spend a quiet adventure, un-crowded, exploring the boat routes by Formentera and enjoying the solitude and unspoiled landscapes that the island provides? Well, do not hesitate, choose your route, choose your boat, sailboat or catamaran, book it and prepares your suitcase, because you are going on vacation. Come and visit Formentera!


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