Balearic yacht tours

Our yacht tours are made so that you can find yourself.

Choose one of your Balearic routes.

CHARTER ISLA, takes you where the compass is pointing. But, if it is your first time in the islands or you feel like doing something different, we offer our essential Balearic routes:  sunset tour, one day tour or seven days tour. Still, we can customize our routes to your preference, both in duration and itineraries.

Our captains knows every corner of the islands, where you can: enjoy a beach bar, the nightlife of coastal areas or the isolated places for anchoring, always taking into account the weather in the area and the maximum safety for you and yours.

What is expected in your trip depends on you, not only how to live your experience, but also the tour chosen by you between all we offer or also customized by yourself. In Charter Isla, we live the sea and also we know about the uncountable value to let us go and, at the same time, to know how to take right decisions.

Our yacht tours in the Balearic Islands, seas, for their skies, are the distilled essence of years in which time stopped on the island where all of us love to sail. The Island that is the boat, the island that you carry inside you.  In Charter Isla, we suggest the Balearic routes as a perfect start to connect with the sea, the island life and the good company, whether from other passengers or from our captains, excellent and selectively chosen.

By customizing your route, you will feel more than just a fresh air inflating the sails of your boat, you will feel the freedom that lies in each of us. The captain will guide you through the flow of currents always to reach the best port. This is a constant in Charter Isla: a quality experience.